Book Reviews: Kiss That Frog

Authors: Brian Tracey and Christina Tracey Stein

Diligently intelligent, assiduously honest, creatively task and goal oriented – this is not a self help book so much as a self actualization book – that explodes out of the gate! No nag this one – it’s a pure thoroughbred in first place~!

Kiss That Frog perked up my life. The prose, delightful and upbeat, partnered with step by step ways to not only overcome negative thoughts but to overcome those negative behaviors; Kiss That Frog put me on task for my shopaholic, unable to manage my money or my life ways and set me on my butt. No simple affirmations here, but affirmations that work into your life and make you WORK at living what you say to yourself! Honestly, I was blown away. Brian and Christina told me to say “I forgive you God bless you” every day to those I hold grudges against (almost everyone in the world) – and as I walked around talking to myself and smiling, I actually felt happier and more in control – of ME! This is not a simple book but a commanding one – DO don’t just read! I followed the instructions for a week – and could actually envision my parents with compassion, for I am them!

If you are like me, you probably consider yourself a positive person. As I read the book, I stopped and paid attention to some of my thoughts. YIKES. There was a war going on in my thought waves~! My parents had nooses around their necks as I kicked the chairs out from under their legs, my best friends were falling over Niagara Falls, and my boyfriend was in chains with a dragon that looked quite a bit like me bursting his bubble with a wave of fire aimed at his head. Then there were the other thoughts – “This won’t work, I won’t bother, if it wasn’t for XYZ (go ahead insert your name – you’re probably in my head somewhere) I’d be …a pop star…a great writer…Einstein (EWWWHHH!). Wow. My head sparks a lot of heavy duty fires! ARSON AVA!

As I walked my dog Clem this morning, I had to stop every second step (1. to avoid dog poo, and 2. to say “I forgive you God bless you.”)  Long, long walk!

Kiss That Frog delivers. In a thoroughly engaging way, Tracey and Stein found their way into my head instead of the NASTY BLASTS that live and create there! I absolutely loved the book! I am a therapizer – like a bibliophile, only not only passionate about therapy speak (Z calls it my psychobabble) but I actually found I believed those evil thoughts! And worst of all, those thoughts call me a failure, a nitwit, a loser, – and they are my thoughts. Thanks Kiss That Frog. I now have a path out! I can stop the blaming and take the responsibility for being the positive sweetheart that I am (NOISE – that is Z expounding in the background, readers). Hey Z – go get this book! – OK, I will – “Z”

I don’t usually review a book with revealing anything about myself – you can see how Kiss That Frog affected me in allowing me to work on myself. Man of War, you have a contender and it looks like a frog!

Kiss That Frog!: 12 Great Ways to Turn Negatives into Positives in Your Life and Work is now available for purchase.

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Overall: 5

Review by Broad “A” – Ava 

We received a copy of this title for our book review. All opinions are our own.


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