Holiday Gift Guide: Power Paws

Woodrow Wear’s Power Paws are dog booties with a strip of traction aid on the bottom of the booties to assure that dogs with hip dysplasia, or dogs who walk on tile or wood floors have traction so that they don’t slide or fall.  For senior dogs, this can be a lifesaver.  I also liked that Clem, my little dachshund, felt more stable on wood floors because he chugs like a fire engine, and sometimes slips.  With a long back, dachshunds can hurt themselves easily. 

The socks are also very fashionable, and don’t we all like to dress up our dogs (well, I’m sure some of you think that this is a dumb thing to do, but even we smart people sometimes get dumb when it comes to “dressing” our dogs).  Also, the winters in Utah are brutal and Clem often gets “snowballs” of snow in his paws and can’t walk outside in the winter.  For snow use, spray a few coats of waterproof spray on the boots, let dry, and off you go!  So booties and boots are a necessity for the winters here for all dogs.  For extreme heat (the pavements here in the summer sizzle and burn Clem’s paws) – we are in the desert – so waterproof spray also helps keep the booties heatproof, and he can walk further without burning his pads.
If you want your hardwood floors to stay shining and scratch free, Woodrow Wear’s booties will assure that they do!  Power Paws grip, giving traction and control. 
Then there are those times – and we have all experienced them – when our pets injure their feet.  For Clem, sometimes it is a piece of glass on the pavement, or clawing his way out of his crate.  I love having another option other than a plastic collar – I cover Clem’s paw with a bootie and he leaves it alone and it heals.
And then there is my OCD!  I hate when Clem steps in other dog’s LEAVINGS and then tracks it into the house!  So for cleanliness purposes, Power Paws are the best!
My only negative comment on Power Paws is the sizing.  I ordered XS for Clem according to the weight and breed chart.  His Power Paws (as you can see in the picture) were a bit small for his paws.  Now it is possible that his paws are larger than most dachshunds (big feet run in the family – I wear a size 10 if any of you want to send me your old Ferragamo’s or Jimmy Choos) but I should have ordered a medium to get the fit I needed.   However, I have found this problem with all of the booties and shoes that Clem has, so possibly this is just a Family Foot Size Fetish thingie).
I loved that these booties stayed on without Velcro or other bulky buckle devices.  This is a huge PLUS as far as I am concerned, because his last pair of VERY EXPENSIVE dog boots disappeared in 2 foot snowdrifts as he bounced up and down like a rabbit.  Also, Clem seemed comfortable with them on, and it usually takes him a while to adjust to bulkier dog boots.  For that alone, I give this product a 5!!  Very lightweight and effective, and I only wish I had ordered a larger size for him.
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Overall: 5
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