Book Reviews & Giveaway: Mortal Friends

Mortal Friends
Author: Jane Stanton Hitchcock

This novel is a killer of a book. Step into Washington, D.C. politics, and the elite social life through the eyes of Reven Lynch and her oldest prep school friend, Violet Bolton.

Reven and Violet, as well as the rest of Washington, are horrified when the body of a young woman, the latest victim of the Beltway Basher, is found in their favorite jogging spot, Montrose Park. Violet, now married to a high profile financier, Grant Bolton II, knows all about serial killers and psychopaths. It’s her hobby. She inhales it. But Reven, the too trusting owner of a fashionable antique shop, feels the murders are more than what meets the eye. She falls into a friendship with Detective Gunner, on the task force of the 6 women murder spree, and he asks her to be his informant as she attends high-level events with her friend Violet.

The Boltons are a scion of the D.C. social elite, and Reven and Violet attend many events where Detective Gunner thinks his high profile killer is hiding.

However, when do-gooder Cynthia Rhinehart appears, donating 100 million to the Kennedy Center, the murders go on the back burner. Violet includes Cynthia in her inner circle, the old power families of Washington’s social elite. Reven hates Cynthia on sight, and intuits that there is something amiss with Ms. Rhinehart’s Foundation and the enormous amounts of money she pledges on a daily basis. Reven agrees to decorate Cynthia’s new 15 million dollar residence, however, because she needs the money – desperately. Cynthia stiffs her for twenty thousand dollars and fires her. Reven knows that Cynthia has set her sights and sexual prowess on Grant Bolton, Violet’s husband.

Reven slips between the cracks, dating Bob Pols – the man she thinks is the serial killer. Cynthia’s Foundation cracks too, as she is investigated for fraud. The serial killer – Bob Pols’ chauffeur Maxwell gets caught. But Gunner knows a murder or two is not Maxwell’s doing.

When Reven comes face to face with the killer and sees his gun in her face, she finally realizes whom she is. The novel ends with Reven and Violet learning new things about each other and letting the old secrets out.

A fine novel, spectacular insights into the workings – and gossip – of the life and times of the Washington power families and politics – and a sweet tale of two friends.

Rating is based on a 5-star scale.

Charactiers: 4
Plot: 4
Presentation: 3.5
Overall: 4

Review by Broad “A” – Ava

Thank you to Harper Collins for providing us with a review copy as well as the copies to giveaway.

“Mortal Friends” can be purchased at for $17.15


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